Tanker services

Our fleet can provide efficient tanker services to suit your needs across Leeds and Wakefield.

A huge range of tankering services on offer

At PRO-JET Draincare, we’re experts in specialist drainage solutions and our fleet of tankers are able to remove all types of liquid waste. From flood water, large-volume spills, effluent waste and sewage, to the emptying of domestic or commercial septic tanks and high-pressure water jetting, we can take care of it.

Our experts are always on call and aim to respond as quickly as possible. So, whether it’s an emergency sewage overflow, or you just need a routine tanker drainage service, we’re here for you.

Why choose us for your tankering services?

  • Decades of experience: With over twenty years of experience in drainage solutions, we are well-positioned to offer in depth advice and take care of multiple forms of liquid waste.
  • Personalised customer service: Our expert team of engineers will take the time to understand your unique needs and devise a drainage solution that’s efficient and cost-effective.
  • Great value for money: We pride ourselves on beating any like for like quotation in the industry and will work with you to find a deal that’s within your price bracket.

What types of tanker services do we offer?

Flood water removal

Our tankers have the capacity to remove flood water and debris quickly and efficiently. No matter the scale of the project, our engineers have the knowledge to deal with all kinds of flooding cases.

Sewage and waste removal

We have the knowledge to be able to remove various types of sewage, from non-hazardous effluent to septic waste. Whatever you need removing, we’re here to help.

Tanker maintenance 

In addition to our other services, we offer a range of tanker maintenance and cleaning options. We’re capable of fixing pipes, cleaning tankers, unblocking specific systems and much more. 


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These are just some of the tanker services that we offer and for more information get in touch via the contact form.


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