How Do Drains Work?

Drains are a crucial part of all commercial water systems. Drains and regular drain clearance prevents clogging by getting rid of any water waste that is in the pipes.

Without drains you could be at serious risk of illness from a lot of bacteria. So how do drains work?

Drains depend on gravity to push down the waste as the water Is forced down the pipes to your septic tank. Drains have various components to make sure all waste is deposited smoothly, let’s take a look at them in more detail.

Air Vents
At the top of the system is an air vent. The vent gets rid of the vacuum which is in the pipes interfering with the water flow. Water can then run smoothly. Larger Rooms that use up a lot of water such as office toilets and bathrooms have larger vents to be able to remove the vacuum as quickly as possible. It Is crucial to have these air vents in place in at your work place. We are a reliable commercial drainage company that specialise in commercial drain repairs and relining. 

Drainage Traps
Commercial drains also have a component called the air trap. This is located below toilets and sinks. It Is a U-shaped pipe that prevents a reverse flow of air. Sewer gases give off a bad smell but with an air trap it stops the gases getting into your office. Kitchens are fitted with grease traps which collect grease and stops grease from blocking the drains in the kitchen.

Drain repairs are sometimes needed because the traps are not working properly forcing a bad smell in to your commercial property. You want to get this looked at immediately by a professional commercial drainage company. Look no further!

At Pro-Jet Drain care we offer a variety of drainage services. If you have noticed a bad smell in your office or your drains are blocked, we may have the solution. Give us a call today!

How CCTV Can Be Used for New Builds

At Pro-Jet, we’re experts in CCTV Surveys, having provided specialist drainage services for almost 20 years we know that when it comes to new builds it’s vital to carry out a thorough service.

This can sometimes include high pressure water jetting, and tanker jetting.We’ve recently had the pleasure of working on some major new build projects, including The Search & Rescue Heli-Port at Humberside Airport and Leeds First Direct Arena.

Our qualified engineers carried out a CCTV drain survey on both projects, which meant we could ensure there were no drainage problems and that the newly installed drainage was working correctly.

A high-pressure water jetting was also carried out for optimum results.It’s also extremely cost effective to use CCTV drain surveys to ensure problems don’t occur further down the lines. In most cases any necessary defects can be repaired without excavation, ensuring a speedy and less disruptive turnaround.

All of our clients receive a full and comprehensive written report which includes a CD on completion.